We help create the digitally-enhanced cities of tomorrow, today

Using disruptive technologies and processes to inform, inspire, and innovate

Our work is a platform for technology enabled, well designed, and economically successful cities

Empowering and informing architects, investors, builders, technology providers, and citizens

Digital empowerment creates new economic opportunites for cities and their residents

Tomorrow's cities are energy efficient, clean, and enabled by smart technologies that liberate us

To find out more about how forum bureau works with clients to enhance cities, talk with our founder, Robert Ouellette

Forum Bureau helps great ideas become a reality. We have consulted with and advised some of the world's top technology, design, and development firms. Past clients include Schneider Electric, Siemens, Motorola, Sony, Chiat Day, Ogilvy, City of Toronto, City of New York, Concord Pacific, Tridel, Immersion Studios, Zerofootprint, Four Seasons, MESH Cities . . .


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